Effective Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

An air conditioner operates more efficiently when it receives proper cleaning and maintenance. Knowing how to properly maintain your air conditioner will benefit you in a significant way. There are several air conditioner maintenance tips that will not only keep your unit functioning for many years but also ensure that it operates in optimal efficiency. Here are five effective air conditioner maintain ace tips from Barrus Heating and Air (Summerville SC) to keep in mind.

· Clean the air filters

Dirty filters disrupts air flow hence reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner. When the filters become clogged, the air bypasses the filter and carries dust to the evaporator coil making it soiled in just a short time.

Experts like the air conditioning repair Summerville specialists at Barrus HVAC, recommend cleaning the air filters ones every month.

· Clean the evaporator coils

While clean filters will prevent dirt from getting to the evaporator coils, over time, some dirt still finds its way to the coils. This
significantly reduces the ability of the coils hence affecting the cooling method. Therefore, a professional service of the evaporator coil is important to keep your unit operating efficiently.

· Maintain the condenser coil

The fan and the condenser in all types of air conditioners are located outside. This means that they easily get soiled with dirt, falling leaves, wind etc thereby making it difficult for warmth air to be dispersed outside. Having a professional AC contractor maintain your condenser coil is important.

· Clean the coil fins

Over time, dust and dirt accumulate on the coil fins causing breakdown of the unit. These fins should be cleaned regularly to protect the evaporator and the condenser from trouble.

· Keep the rear drain clean

A clogged rear drain means that the water collected in the air conditioner has no way out and begin to drip from the gaps. If there is no vent for the water in the unit, the wetness will definitely increase. To prevent this, be sure to always clean the rear drain regularly.

· Store the unit during cold weathers

During winter, your air conditioner is not in use. During this time, cover it up to prevent dirt from getting in the unit.

· Get professional tune up

Before the beginning of summer, getting a professional contractor for AC tune up and repair will go a long way to keep your unit
functioning properly throughout the season.

Being one of the most useful appliance in homes, it makes sense why you should ensure that your air conditioner is in great shape by carrying out the above maintenace tips.