When Do I Need a Lawyer Winston Salem NC?

Are you facing a DUI? While many DUI cases are often handled without legal representation, it is important to understand that a DUI charge can be very serious. You, therefore, might want to consider a hiring a DUI attorney.

So when do I need a Lawyer Winston Salem NC?

A DUI charge can result in you paying hefty fines, getting temporarily or permanently barred from driving, a jail term, among other punishments. If you are a repeat offender (this is not your first DUI case), someone got injured or died as a result of the DUI, or you are honestly innocent, then hiring a DUI is a great idea.

If this is your first offense, no one got injured or died, or there is a very high chance of being convicted, then you probably don’t need a DUI because you are most likely going to plead guilty and be subjected to a standard sentence. However, it is important to note that even in this situation; there are factors in a DUI case that may necessitate legal advice.

How can a DUI help me?

They will help you with the paperwork.

First of all, a DUI attorney will help you understand your charge and what to expect in court. Now, like most litigation processes, a DUI case involves a lot of paperwork. There are documents you may be required to read and sign, and they have deadlines which you must meet. Failure to do this may result in the court being more influenced against you. An attorney comes in handy here, helping you with the official paperwork and advising you thoroughly. For instance, your DUI attorney may assist you to get an SR-22 auto insurance, and go ahead to file the required forms with the motor vehicle department.

Should I plead guilty?

While it may be the better choice in some circumstances (like if there is a certainty, you will be convicted), a DUI attorney may provide legal counsel that may affect the severity of the sentence. For instance, if the BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) is between 0.08-0.11, and there are questions about the accuracy of the reading, A DUI attorney may argue and get your charges reduced to reckless driving.

Plea bargaining

Although you can negotiate and accomplish some plea bargains without legal counsel, a DUI attorney knows how to negotiate and reach an understanding with the prosecution quickly. Again, they may bring you a better deal than you would get on your own.

Protection from conviction and Sentence reduction

Your attorney is going to try preventing you from getting convicted whether or not you are guilty. In case you are found guilty, a DUI attorney can help you reduce your sentence. For example, your attorney may set up a deal with the prosecution in which you will agree to plead guilty and get the punishment reduced. This is especially helpful if your BAC test registered very high, you were in the influence of other drugs, or a person got injured or killed due to the DUI accident.

To wrap this up, it is worth mentioning that an experienced DUI attorney knows how to use evidence. In cases where the evidence is thin, a legal expert can help you reduce a very serious charge (like one involving death), to a less severe charge like wet reckless driving.

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